14Oz Plastic Sushi Snack Box

Product IDWL-07
ColorRed Gold
Size (mm)219*139*45


Packing QTY. (set)400
Number of sleeves (pcs)50
Lid Dimension (mm)219*139*31
Base Dimension (mm)216*135*20
Carton size (mm)580*310*455
Carton N.W. (kg)9.6
Carton G.W. (kg)10.4
Carton CBM0.082


Our 14oz plastic sushi snack boxes are made from food-grade plastic and are BPA-free, ensuring the safety and quality of your sushi. Let you enjoy delicious sushi with peace of mind. With a whopping 14 ounce capacity, it easily holds 12-14 pieces of sushi, making it perfect for large portions or sharing.

This sushi box comes in a vibrant red gold color that adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your sushi presentation. The rectangular shape provides a practical and space-saving design that can be easily stacked and stored in the refrigerator or pantry. Its durable construction ensures your sushi stays intact during transport, making it perfect for picnics, lunches, or anytime you want to enjoy your sushi outdoors.

Superior Clarity

The lids of our sushi boxes feature high definition, showcasing the vibrant colors and intricate details of your sushi, making it more visually appealing.

Stable Stacking

Our Sushi Box features a stable stacking design, allowing for easy and secure storage. You can stack multiple boxes without worrying about them toppling over, optimizing space in your fridge or pantry.

Hidden Lock

Our sushi boxes feature a hidden locking mechanism that ensures a secure closure. A hidden latch keeps the lid tightly sealed, preventing any leaks or unnecessary air exposure.

Custome Service

As a packaging solution provider, Manluen boasts more than 20 years experience catering to diverse custom needs.From product dimensions, shapes, materials, printing, to incorporating company logos, we have a portfolio of successful cases. At Manluen Packaging, we strive to offer the most attentive product customization services at the most competitive prices. 

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