4 Divided Round Party Tray

Product IDWL-250
ColorBlue  Gold
Size (mm)¢265*45


Packing QTY. (set)200
Number of sleeves (pcs)20
Lid Dimension (mm)¢265*28
Base Dimension (mm)¢250*26
Carton size (mm)540*505*288
Carton N.W. (kg)8.7
Carton G.W. (kg)9.7
Carton CBM0.079


This 4 divided round party tray is made of high-quality food-grade PS material. The divided design can serve and display different foods more neatly and orderly, providing convenience. Divided sections allow you to display a variety of appetizers, snacks, or condiments, ensuring each item has its own dedicated space. Not only does this make serving food more efficient, it also provides a visually appealing presentation that enhances the overall dining experience.

The tray comes in a mix of gold, black and blue colors, with gold exuding luxury and sophistication, adding a touch of grandeur to your display. Black brings an elegant and fashionable aesthetic, perfect for formal occasions. Blue gives people a lively and fresh feeling, making it an ideal choice for leisure or themed activities. Whatever the occasion, our party trays have something to suit your every need.

Easy-Stack Items

This party tray stacks items neatly and efficiently, optimizing space and making the tray easier to transport or store. It can also be helpful when preparing for a large event or for storage in a small kitchen.

High Pattern Clarity

Our party trays have high color definition to ensure your food presentation stands out. Clear separation between sections allows the food's vibrant colors and textures to be seen at a glance, creating an alluring visual effect.

Unbreakable Bottom 

The bottom of the party tray is designed to be unbreakable, making it durable, safe and secure. Will not crack or break easily under pressure, ensuring safety during transportation and serving.

Custome Service

As a packaging solution provider, Manluen boasts more than 20 years experience catering to diverse custom needs.From product dimensions, shapes, materials, printing, to incorporating company logos, we have a portfolio of successful cases. At Manluen Packaging, we strive to offer the most attentive product customization services at the most competitive prices. 

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