11 Inches Sushi Roll Party Tray

Product IDWL-61
ColorBlack Maple Leaf
Size (mm)290*55


Packing QTY. (set)100
Number of sleeves (pcs)20
Lid Dimension (mm)¢290*20
Base Dimension (mm)¢280*45
Carton size (mm)590*370*295
Carton N.W. (kg)6.3
Carton G.W. (kg)7.1
Carton CBM0.064


This 11 inches sushi roll party tray is the perfect companion for enjoying your sushi. The tray is made of high-quality food-grade PS material, and the stylish and classic black color adds a touch of elegance to your sushi display. It complements the bright colors of the sushi rolls and creates an eye-catching contrast that makes your sushi stand out and enhances the overall aesthetic of your sushi presentation.

The round design allows you to display large quantities of sushi rolls. Provide ample space to arrange and display your sushi creations in an attractive manner. Your guests will be captivated by the beautiful presentation, enhancing their dining experience. And perfect for every occasion, whether you're hosting a sushi party, catering an event or packaging sushi for takeout, this tray is perfect for you.

Clear Printing

This 11 inches sushi roll party tray features an elegant maple leaf pattern. This clear and detailed printing adds a touch of sophistication and visual appeal to the tray, enhancing the overall presentation of the sushi rolls.

Clear Lid

The party tray comes with a clear lid that allows a transparent view of the delicious sushi rolls inside. The transparent lid not only showcases the attractive appearance of the sushi, but also protects the sushi from the outside world and keeps it fresh.

Good Locking Mechanism

Our party trays are designed with good locking devices to ensure a safe and secure seal. Sturdy construction and well-designed locking feature keeps the lid tightly closed to prevent accidental spills or leaks during transportation.

Custome Service

As a packaging solution provider, Manluen boasts more than 20 years experience catering to diverse custom needs.From product dimensions, shapes, materials, printing, to incorporating company logos, we have a portfolio of successful cases. At Manluen Packaging, we strive to offer the most attentive product customization services at the most competitive prices. 

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