455ML Black Bento Serving Tray

Product IDWL-8515
Size (mm)205x132x50


Packing QTY. (set)400
Number of sleeves (pcs)50
Lid Dimension (mm)190*117*25
Base Dimension (mm)205*132*35
Carton size (mm)545*370*420
Carton N.W. (kg)9
Carton G.W. (kg)9.8
Carton CBM0.084


Our 455ml black lunch tray is made of food-grade plastic PP material to ensure your meals are safe and fresh. Its large 455ml capacity allows you to portion complete, balanced meals, and its rectangular shape and stylish black color provide a stylish and practical solution for your food storage.

Its freezable and microwavable properties make storing and reheating meals easy, whether you're preparing a protein-packed lunch or a delicious dinner, this plate provides the ideal space for a variety of nutritious meals. You can all experience the fun of storing food in an orderly and safe manner, improving your dining experience.

Healthy Meal Prep

Bento food  trays promote healthy meal preparation. Properly portion meals to ensure nutritional balance and portion control. Particularly beneficial for individuals who are concerned about dietary intake and striving to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Anti-Skid Design

The black bento food tray base is anti-slip and provides stability during handling and transportation. It prevents the tray from slipping or sliding, allowing you to serve and enjoy your meal with confidence and ease.

Anti-Fog Lid

The black bento tray comes with a transparent lid to ensure food contents are clearly visible. Also prevents condensation from building up, maintaining the visual appeal of meals and ensuring they are beautifully presented.

Custome Service

As a packaging solution provider, Manluen boasts more than 20 years experience catering to diverse custom needs.From product dimensions, shapes, materials, printing, to incorporating company logos, we have a portfolio of successful cases. At Manluen Packaging, we strive to offer the most attentive product customization services at the most competitive prices. 

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