Kraft Paper Bento Take Out Box

Product IDWL-8505
Size (mm)136*111*50


Packing QTY. (set)600
Number of sleeves (pcs)50
Lid Dimension (mm)126*100*25
Base Dimension (mm)136*111*35
Carton size (mm)435*430*465
Carton N.W. (kg)7.9
Carton G.W. (kg)8.7
Carton CBM0.086


This kraft paper bento take-out box is made of environmentally friendly kraft paper material, integrating functionality and environmental protection. Natural brown color without any bleaching. The flip-top design opens and closes easily, giving you quick access to delicious meals. This takeaway box has three compartments that can separate different foods to maintain different tastes and ensure a nutritionally balanced meal.

Customizable printing options allow you to add your own personal touch or branding to the box, making it perfect for restaurants, catering outlets, or food delivery services. Whether you're enjoying a quick meal, picnicking, or delivering meals to clients, this kraft paper bento takeout box is built for convenience and functionality.

Compartment Separation

Our kraft paper bento takeout boxes feature three compartments, allowing you to separate different foods and keep them organized. This separation ensures that flavors and textures do not mix, preserving the quality and flavor of each dish.

Security Lock

The lunch box is equipped with a safety locking mechanism to keep it securely closed during transportation. This ensures your food remains intact and prevents any accidental spills or leaks, providing a worry-free experience.

High Quality Paper

We use high-quality kraft paper material to make bento takeaway boxes. This high-quality paper is strong and reliable, ensuring the box retains its shape and structure, even when filled with delicious treats.

Strong and Sturdy

Our kraft paper bento takeout boxes can withstand the rigors of takeout and delivery. The combination of high-quality paper and thoughtful construction makes it sturdy and durable, providing reliable protection for your food.

Oil and Water Resistant

The kraft paper material used in our lunch boxes has excellent oil-proof properties, preventing excess oil from accumulating in the compartments. Plus, it's waterproof, ensuring that liquids or sauces from meals won't seep into the box, keeping it clean and tidy.


Our lunch boxes are rectangular in shape and stack easily to optimize storage space in your restaurant, kitchen or delivery vehicle. This stackable design ensures efficient organization and makes it easy to transport multiple boxes at the same time.

Custome Service

As a packaging solution provider, Manluen boasts more than 20 years experience catering to diverse custom needs.From product dimensions, shapes, materials, printing, to incorporating company logos, we have a portfolio of successful cases. At Manluen Packaging, we strive to offer the most attentive product customization services at the most competitive prices. 

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